Forklift in Singapore

A forklift, commonly known as a fork truck or a lift truck, has the ability to lift very heavy loads over a short distance. It is commonly used in heavy industrials to facilitate movement of cargos or goods within a compound as it could increase productivity. Forklift has been around since early 1920s and has been popular since then, the first forklift was hydraulic powered lift which was mounted on trucks to give them good lifting power.

With the introduction of modern electric powered forklift in late 1930s, pallets are also standardise to the common ones we see today, forklift gain popularity rapidly.

Forklift hydralics can be controled by levers and knobs on the dashboards of the vechicle, these interface will allow the hydralics valves and electric acutuators to respond and manipulated by the driver. As forklifts varies from 1 ton to 50 tons, it is important you know how heavy your loads are and purchase the appropiate weight forklift.

All forklifts are rated for indicated maximum load and listed with specific center of mass. One of the signnificant apest of a forklift is the ability to drive on rear-wheel steering, this will increase its mobility in navigating tight areas, training should also be given to the drivers as this is a very specialised vechicle.

Singapore grant for forklift

Unsure if your forklift in Singapore is eligible for any grant such as Productivity And Innovation Credit Grant or PIC? In Singapore, many grants were introduced to allow improvement of productivity of business activities, Singapore supports many business and facilitates activities. Here at Wonglye, we supply new or used forklift of various weight limits. Contact us today for a consultancy and grant advices on how we supply forklift in Singapore and how to improve your productivity now.



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